Clothing Sustainability meets Choose-your-own-adventure.
Teens and young adults frequently purchases fandom merchandise and fast fashion garments but don’t know the ramifications of engaging with fast fashion. Delivering the message an engaging and memorable way to educate them about sustainable fashion habits and the consequences of mass produced fast-fashion.
Royal Threads is an interactive experience designed to educate players about the social, financial, and ecological consequences of our fashion habits. 
Players take on the role of a monarch awaiting the prophesized return and judgement of their patron deity. However, they are confronted with choices that will ultimately determine the nature of their arrival.
Use: Mobile
Software / Tools Used: Figma, Procreate
Research Snapshot - Thank you to Marko Jones, Jamie Kusack, Jason Low, and Sisy Wong for being on the foundational research team

User Persona

Empathy Map

Product Use Case

User Flow

Ideation - ORCA Method


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