​​​​​​​Squashing Cigarette Waste, One Bug at a Time
In 2016, about 29,000 tonnes of plastic waste was littered into our environment in Canada.  The most common litter offenders are men aged 18-34 years old who smoke, drive more than 50 miles per day, eat fast food at least twice a week, and go out for entertainment at least once a week. 
This campaign takes imagery from old school 80’s slasher and horror movie posters and incorporates motion to bring them to life. The retro visual language sparks the imagination of the target audience and gives a clear indication on how severe outlying waste is to the environment. 
#SQUASHTHELITTERBUG: The hashtag is meant to be motivating, it’s a plea for heroism and it informs the audience that the anti-litter behaviour is as easy as squashing a bug.
Use: Web
Client: Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up
Software / Tools Used: Ps, Ae
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